As a technology-driven company, keeping your details safe and secure is our top priority. In this blog we’ll discuss the measures we have put in place to protect your account, extra steps you can take to stay safe online and who to contact at True Potential if you’re ever in doubt about your online safety.


How we keep your account secure.

When logging into your online account or app, we have a two-step log in process, which requires your username and password as well as three random characters from your secure paraphrase which you will have created yourself. This means that there are multiple layers for you to log in to your account.

When logging in using a new device, we ask you to validate who you are by confirming a verification code which we either sent as a text to the mobile phone linked to your account, sent as a push notification to your app or can be obtained by calling one of our friendly support staff. Once the verification code has been confirmed you can log in through your new device. This process is called two-factor authentication and is an extra step in securing your account.

Once you have completed the verification process, you can then choose to trust the device if you wish. If the device is trusted, you won’t be prompted to verify the device again. If the device is not trusted, you will be prompted for a verification code upon every log in.

Additionally, when you call one of our Head Office teams, there are several security questions that we will run through to confirm and verify that you are the account holder. This ensures that we are only discussing your account or any details associated with your account with you and only you.

With devices that allow it, you can use Face ID to get into your True Potential app. This is another level of security we have added to protect your account.

We also have a secure message service directly linked within your True Potential account/app. This allows us to send you direct messages that you and only you can view within the security of your account.


How you can stay safe.

The main way that you can stay safe online is by being vigilant and verifying that you are being contacted by True Potential if you are ever in doubt or suspicious of a phone call or email.

If you believe that a phone call or email you have received may be a scam, we advise you do not interact with the call or email and get in contact with our Head Office teams. Some key indicators of online scams can include guaranteeing returns on investments, asking for money for help in a situation or requiring payment for a wrongdoing. If you receive any communications that you believe are an online scam, the True Potential Head Office team are available to contact for assistance.

If you are in doubt about an email that seems to be from True Potential, you can type the web address into your browser – you will only receive emails from either or when True Potential are contacting you.

Specifically with suspicious emails, do not click any links that you deem to be suspicious. If you are ever in doubt about a link or an email, please get in contact with one of our Head Office support teams listed below and we will be able to verify any communications for you.

If you are in doubt about a phone call, we advise that you hang up and call our Head Office team. Our staff will always support you in you decisions if you feel as though you need to hang up to ensure you are in contact with True Potential. When we are contacting you over the phone, we will never ask for your password, paraphrase or security code. If you are asked for these details, we advise that you hang up and call our Head Office team.

If you are ever worried about your password or email address being compromised, please get in contact with our Head Office team and we will help secure your account.


Helpful Numbers to contact if you have security doubts.

The Relationship Management Team – 0191 500 9164

True Potential Investor Support – 0800 046 8007

You can also contact your adviser directly to discuss any queries with them.


We urge that if you are ever in doubt about your online security in relation to a communication received by True Potential, please get in contact and we will help verify any communications.

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