At True Potential Wealth Management, we believe that the biggest risk our clients face is the risk of not hitting their goals.

For us, setting a goal is the single-most important step in creating your financial plan. That’s why I will take the time to uncover your real reasons for investing and produce a plan that is truly personal.

Benefits for You

Personal roadmap for your future

I take into account your personal goals, timeframes to achieve these goals, and the level of risk you are willing to take. I will then blend all of this information to help create your personal strategy and roadmap.

I will spend a significant amount of time working with you on your goals and advising you on how much you need to invest in order to reach them. I’ll also demonstrate how our technology allows you to track your progress towards your goals 24/7 and top-up with impulseSave®  should you notice any shortfall.

Wide range of investment options to meet your needs

To help you achieve your financial goals, I can invest your capital within fully diversified, risk-based strategies from our carefully selected range of world-class investment managers, including our exclusive True Potential Wealth Strategy Fund Range.

I can also access investments from the whole of the market to create a bespoke plan that’s tailored just for you. In addition, I can take advantage of True Potential Investments’ no-fee ISA and Pension accounts.

Realistic investment goals

By understanding your appetite for risk, I can ensure that the goals you set are realistic and the investment strategies recommended are the most suitable.

I will assess your risk profile through a number of methods and display these in a way that is easily understood. I can also review the risk profile of your existing products to ensure that they are correctly invested and, if not, look at where they would better suit your needs.

Technology to stay in control

With a personal client site, impulseSave®  and True Potential One®  available, you have complete control over your personal finances at all times.

You can:

  • Track performance
  • Analyse your investments
  • Top up with impulseSave®
  • Link up bank accounts to review spending
  • Store important documents
  • Manage personal details

For more details, see ‘Why we’re Beyond Wealth Management’.

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